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Home & Commercial Carpet Cleaning Service in Coralville, IAThe freshest smelling, softest feeling, cleanest clean you’ve ever seen!

Since 2002 Fresh & Clean Carpet King has been impressing customers while cleaning the carpets and upholstery in thousands of homes and businesses in Iowa City, Iowa and surrounding areas, but the one we’re most excited about cleaning is the one we’re doing today. Your home could be that one.

Know what you want? Great. We are here to listen and serve. Not sure what to expect? That’s where our consultative approach and vast experience shines. We are here to answer questions and explain our process before we begin.

At Fresh & Clean we will not only provide you with a top quality home and commercial carpet cleaning service but also a kind and friendly business experience. Our industry survives on customer referrals and repeat business, so it’s important for us to do the job right every time. We hope you will agree that calling Fresh & Clean Carpet King for all your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs was the smart choice

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Why Fresh & Clean Carpet King, when there are so many choices out there?

One question I have always been asked in job interviews is, “why should we pick you over other applicants?

homeimage2It’s a fair question. There is a good number of carpet cleaning companies to choose from in the Iowa City and surrounding areas. So, why us?

I have been cleaning carpets since 2002 and during that time I have learned quite a bit about carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and running a small business. One thing I pride myself on is not just satisfying my customers, but delighting them. A delighted customer is most likely to share their experience with their friends and family, which will lead to a better reputation within the community.

My goal is to do everything I can to insure that your carpets and upholstery will come as clean as they possibly can. It takes a little more time to clean and a few more questions to ask, to find out what type of challenges your carpet might pose, but the extra time is worth it. In the end doing everything I can the first time saves you the inconvenience of calling me back out.  However, should there be a need to return, we encourage you to call us and we will come back with smiles. 🙂  It is important to note that cleaning your carpets may not remove problems such as pet and smoke odors from your environment, but is a step in the process.  Fresh & Clean Carpet King cannot guarantee results for any specific issue such as odors, stains and spills. There are many variables that will determine the outcome of such problems that are beyond our control, such as the type and grade of carpet, quality of carpet pad, protector and frequency of proper care.

Another way we work to insure your approval is by leaving air movers, when available, to help with circulation. Getting the carpets dry quickly leads to an overall, superior, finished product. There are many variables that exist, which will affect drying time. The amount of humidity in the air and the type of carpet are  a couple of the variables that we cannot control. But leaving fans to increase airflow is one thing we can do to help drying.  Taking a pro-active approach to drying carpets and returning the following day to pick up the fans is an added value that only Fresh & Clean Carpet King provides.

We want your carpet and upholstery cleaning experience to be a positive one. You are my best advertiser. So it only makes sense to give you the tools and information you need to make an informed choice. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the carpet cleaning process. Just pick up the phone (319-330-4123) or drop us an email and let us know how we can help.

– Steve Anderson
Fresh & Clean Carpet King

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