Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Fresh & Clean Carpet King is not the most expensive nor least expensive cleaner in the area. However we do pride ourselves on providing a superior product and service, as well as take the time and care to do the job right. Our carpet cleaning prices are based on the square foot area. A minimum price of $140 is the charge for total carpet area of 300 square feet or less. From there, proportional quantity discounts are built in. Call us with square foot area and we can give you a good estimate of cost or you can get a rough estimate using the chart in the pricing section of this website. We are also available to come out to the job site to provide an exact quote. It is important to note that prices may vary depending on level of soil and special circumstances such as stains and problems caused by pets.

What process do you use?
The most frequent question customers ask us is “What carpet cleaning process do you use?” The answer to that question is Hot Water Extraction, most often referred to as Steam Cleaning. While other carpet cleaning processes have their place in the carpet cleaning industry, Hot Water Extraction will give you the best deep cleaning of any process and is the recommended cleaning method of most carpet manufacturers. Fresh & Clean Carpet King uses a heated portable extractor with up to 220 PSI. The portable extractor allows us to treat each customer individually. Some customers may have a pet odor problem, others may want us to clean with environmentally safe products. By using the portable extractor we can adjust our cleaning methods and agents to fit the customers individual needs. The first step to every residential carpet cleaning is vacuuming. This step will pull out 50 percent of the particle soil in your carpet before we begin the steam cleaning process. Removing this soil first, will allow our pre-spray agents to be less inhibited and go to work directly on the water-soluble soil. From there we look at any problem areas or spots and treat those accordingly to their special circumstance. Pre-spraying is the next step and this will help to break the soil from the fiber to allow for a more through rinse. We also rake in the pre-spray, in the heavy traffic areas and along baseboards to enhance the effectiveness of the agents. After the rinsing or extraction is complete Fresh & Clean Carpet King will groom pile carpet to lift the fibers and reduce drying time..

Are your chemicals safe?
Yes! Much safer than the dirt, grit, smoke, exhaust, hair, dust and other allergens that have built up in your carpet since the last cleaning. In addition we offer environmentally safe products if you request. However, if a particular cleaning agent is problematic for you we can provide you with the MSDS sheets for any of our carpet cleaning products to ensure a safe cleaning experience.

How long does it take to dry?
Drying time will depend on a lot of circumstances. Mostly the humidity in the air and air movement are the main factors that will determine how fast a carpet will dry. However, some types of carpets are more absorbent than others. We estimate that under ideal conditions most drying is complete within 5 to 10 hours after cleaning is finished. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! Fresh & Clean Carpet King, depending on availability and location, will provide fans, FREE OF CHARGE, for the day of cleaning. Leaving fans will dramatically reduce drying time. Just another value added service that we offer to help us obtain your business.

Will my carpets get dirtier quicker after cleaning?
NO! Your carpets will not get dirtier quicker if you have them cleaned. The same amount of dirt and dust is going to fall to your floor whether or not you get your carpets cleaned. However, periodic carpet cleanings will help prolong your carpet life by limiting the amount of dirt and grit left to fester in your carpet. With that said, your carpets may seem to get dirtier quicker because they have been cleaned so well. Take for example having two automobiles which both need a wash. If you take just one of those automobiles to the carwash and leave the other unwashed, I will guarantee you that the automobile that was just washed will seem to get dirtier quicker than the one you left dirty. Likewise, after your carpets have been cleaned, you will notice every speck of dirt that falls onto to them, at least for awhile.

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