Professional Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

For furniture and upholstery cleaning we use a specialized upholstery tool along with hot water extraction. This system will leave the furniture dryer compared to most conventional methods.  Our upholstery cleaning service will effectively emulsify dirt and oils by gently agitating a pre-spray solution with a horse hair grooming brush.  This system will limit over-spray, protect your furniture and leave your belongings barely damp. Air movement is recommended during the complete drying process. Our upholstery cleaning solutions were designed specifically for the gentler fabrics used in upholstery construction.


Area Rug Cleaning

Most area rugs can be cleaned at your home.  Smaller rugs may be picked up and cleaned off site and returned back to you if that is more convenient. Depending on the condition of the rug it may be recommended that both sides be cleaned. The cleaning agents used in this system were designed specifically for the fibers and dyes used in these rugs. Pricing may reflect this special care. After cleaning, the colors and patterns of your rugs will be more vibrant.


Encapsulation Technology

Ideal for commercial carpet maintenance, there are many benefits to encapsulation technology, less drying time being the most popular. As with all carpet, we begin by vacuuming to remove any particle soil. The carpet is pre sprayed (in some instances) and then deep cleaned using the Cimex Cyclone Rotary Brush to administer the cleaning agents. The deep penetrating cleaning dries to a crystallized residue that cannot be seen, and is subsequently vacuumed up after drying. No rinsing is required. It reduces the problem of wicking soil and recurring stains and is safe for all types of synthetic carpet fibers. The non-sticky residue will not attract other soils, so your carpets will stay cleaner longer. Call us to come out to your establishment to see if this process might be right for you.

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