Our Carpet Cleaning Process

What to expect!

For most residential customers we like to meet at the home to view and discuss the areas and carpet that the customer wants to have cleaned.  This allows us to see the overall condition of the carpet and other variables such as what furniture needs to be moved and troubling spots and pet problems.  We will be up front and honest with you about what we can do, what we hope to do and what we cannot do.  If you are satisfied, we will return promptly at the agreed upon date and time to perform the work.

Our system uses hot water extraction to clean you carpets, which is the process recommended by most carpet manufacturers.  This will provide you the best deep cleaning of any system.  First it is important for us to vacuum the area, which will lift as much particle soil as possible before addressing any spots or problem areas.  Next we will apply a pre-treatment to the carpet.  This step will help loosen the dirt from the fibers before the final rinsing.  We are sure to pay close attention to the areas around the baseboards and if need be use a small hand tool to extract around the perimeter of the room.  This ensures that no uncovered area will be left undone.  The remainder of the room is extracted with our hot water rinsing process.  This step pulls out the pre-treatment and all the dirt and grime that come with it.  And finally, we will leave fans when they are  available to help keep air moving and ensure that your carpet will dry as soon as possible.

We will return in the evening or following day to pick up the fans and take one more look at the finished product to make sure all went well.  Please feel free to call us if you have any questions at all regarding our cleaning process.

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