Carpet Cleaning Rates

Our carpet cleaning rates begin at .35 cents a square foot (empty room) with a $140 minimum charge. There are additional charges for stains and other blemishes such as pet problems. The list below is intended to give you an estimated cost and may not reflect the actual cost of your cleaning. We are always happy to come out and provide you with an exact quote.

Residential Carpet Cleaning 

Up to 400 square feet               $160.00
500 square feet                         $200.00
1000 square feet                       $380.00
1500 square feet                       $540.00
2000 square feet                       $700.00
Stairs                                         $3.50 (per step)
Upholstery Cleaning

Sofa                                           $150.00
Love Seats                                $125.00
Extra Large Chairs                    $90.00
Dinning/Office Chairs                By Estimate
Throw Pillows                            $2.50 – $  5.00
Other Cleaning Services

Area Rugs Wool                        $1.50 – $  2.50 / square foot
Area Rugs Synthetic                  $.75 – $  1.25 / square foot
Rental & Commercial                 By Estimate

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